Middleware – Cortex AgentTM

An Internet of Things (IoT) middleware that seamlessly integrates devices on industrial internet. It offers a complete suite of features for end-to-end management of various types of devices and applications for any cloud platform or centralized infrastructure.




OPC UA Compliant

  • Address space: all data is represented hierarchically (e.g. files and folders) allowing for simple and complex structures to be discovered and utilised by OPC client
  • On-demand: read and write data/information based on access-permissions
  • Subscriptions: monitor data/information and report-by-exception when values change based on a client’s criteria
  • Events: notify important information based on client’s criteria
  • Supported profiles include OPC DA and AC. HDA profile coming soon
  • Supports communication over opc.tcp, http and https. Can be configured to run in hybrid mode

Data Source Connectivity

  • Supports connectivity with any device, any platform, any network. Currently supported device protocols include Modbus, SNMP and IEC61850. Connectivity to enterprise SCADA systems over OPC UA
  • Device Protocol layers allows addition of device protocols at later stage
  • Integration with OPC UA compliant solutions to acquire data in real-time and command processing

Messaging Platforms

  • Supports multiple messaging interfaces for remote data logging which include Kafka, ActiveMQ, MSMQ, MQTT
  • Eliminate data loss due to connectivity with support for queues, automatically queues the data in case of connectivity loss

Data Repository

Currently supported databases : SQL Server, MongoDB and Casandra. Set your frequency for historisation on interval based or on-data change.


Edge Computing

Inbuilt computations and low level analytics with inbuilt expression evaluation and editor.


End-to-end Device Management

Provides a repository to build and manage a device library locally or on the cloud model and profile devices once and use the models for faster deployments.