Central monitoring and control tool designed to centrally monitor the all plants through a single dashboard

TeqoNoc is a tool used by the 24X7 Command Centre team which centrally monitors the plants and issues work orders to the plant engineers and ensures maximum generation

TeqoNoc - Mahindra Teqo


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Dashboards with real-time info - Mahindra Teqo

Dashboards with real-time info

Timely information on the operation of the plant and complete portfolio

Integration Capability - Mahindra Teqo

Integration capability

Allows you to integrate existing and New SCADA and create a unified view

24*7 monitoring of the solar PV plant - Mahindra Teqo

24×7 monitoring of the solar PV plant

Get proper operational data and constant supervision of all equipments

Ease of Use - Mahindra Teqo

Ease of use

View all the alarms in a tabular and Map view format