Optimized Administrative & Financial Task Management

With assets spread across various locations, it becomes challenging for asset owners to record and maintain the historical events that occurred in the life of assets. Regardless of where your assets are placed, Teqo offers a single source for complete care of your solar portfolio.

Professional asset lifecycle management enables you to service the asset correctly and efficiently during it’s life expectancy of at least 20 years. Teqo’s Solar Management ensures the seamless collection of all data, documents and life events of the asset.

Solar PV Asset Management

Teqo’s Asset Management Objective


Our Asset Management team works each day to develop and recommend strategies to increase plant operational performance that translates into positive financial returns.

Management of physical assets is essential to long-term operational performance. Teqo’s Solar Asset Management team delivers the expertise that owners need to make value-driven decisions that optimize performance and profitability throughout the plant life cycle.

As an asset owner representative, we understand that our task is to optimize returns on your investment. Our solar asset management expertise is the key to successfully reaching your goals.

Identify insurance needs and savings opportunities by effectively monitoring the assets warranty and insurance.

Our subject matter experts ensure long-term health of physical plant assets and reduce equipment downtime by identifying under-performing assets, inspecting underlying causes, and implementing right solutions and innovations to optimize plant performance and maximize energy generation.

Our asset management team ensures compliance across all asset agreements and obligations to reduce the revenue leakage. We ensure that you don’t miss another important compliance obligation.

Active management of all asset related financial transactions with proper knowledge to monetize electrons produced by your assets.