TEQMOBILE India’s First Mobile PV testing lab offers complete solar PV Module testing onsite which can perform EL and flash test to check PV module healthiness at solar plant.

A dedicated team is assigned on-site and is equipped with specialised tools like IR camera, Power Analyzer, Thermographic hand-held camera and drone based which are used to validate the site under-performances and can help owners identify and validate underperformance issues.

Patent No. 201721017370

India’s 1st Mobile PV Lab Health Diagnosis - Mahindra Teqo

Core Objective


Proper maintenance, skilled handling, and regular cleaning of solar PV modules and equipment inevitably reduces the occurrence of errors and production loss.

  • Measures I-V characteristics of PV Module at STC conditions
  • Key components: Flash Lamp, Flash generator, Electronics unit
  • Highlights Fault and Micro cracks for each cell
  • Photo-emission measured by an infrared-sensitive camera
  • Measures abnormal thermal behavior of modules during DC parameter measurements
  • Used to find hotspots in modules, find loose connections and do thermal analysis of CB, Inverter, Trafo, HT Panel etc.
  • Measures power quality of CB, Inverter, CT, PT, & HT panel
  • Measures both AC and DC power, to monitor inverter efficiency and detect power quality issues