TEQMOBILE India’s First Mobile PV testing lab offers complete solar PV Module testing onsite which can perform EL and flash test to check PV module healthiness at solar plant.

A dedicated team is assigned on-site and is equipped with specialised tools like IR camera, Power Analyzer, Thermographic hand-held camera and drone based which are used to validate the site under-performances and can help owners identify and validate underperformance issues.

Patent No. 201721017370

India’s 1st Mobile PV Lab Health Diagnosis - Mahindra Teqo

Core Objective


PV modules account for ~ 70% of the capex for a Solar PV plant, and underperformance of the modules can be the single largest reason why an asset owner’s (lenders) financial model and actual cash flows may not match. Early detection can lead to immediate control of losses and also maximize plant energy generation in future. The role of the PV testing lab is critical across the life cycle of the Solar PV plant, right from construction to the end of life.

  • Measures I-V characteristics of PV Module at STC conditions
  • Key components: Flash Lamp, Flash generator, Electronics unit
  • Highlights Fault and Micro cracks for each cell
  • Photo-emission measured by an infrared-sensitive camera
  • Measures abnormal thermal behavior of modules during DC parameter measurements
  • Used to find hotspots in modules, find loose connections and do thermal analysis of CB, Inverter, Trafo, HT Panel etc.
  • Measures power quality of CB, Inverter, CT, PT, & HT panel
  • Measures both AC and DC power, to monitor inverter efficiency and detect power quality issues