Easing out data acquisition & monitoring of solar PV plants

The Node X gateway and data logger is used to collect and monitor data from solar power plants including rooftops (residential, commercial and industrial) and utility scale solar plants.

MACXtm - Data Acquisition Device - Mahindra Teqo

What makes us Different

Variants available

FeaturesNode X2Node X LiteNode X Micro
(Coming Soon)
Number of Modbus compatible
devices that can be connected
No. of parameters/tags10,0001000
Communication protocolsMQTT, FTP, HTTPSMQTT
Supported formatsCSV, JSONJSON
On-board memory (SD card)16 GB4 GB
Extendible memorySD Card + USB
Local backup30 Days10 Days



Easy 3 Steps to Installation

Compatible Inverters

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