Making Solar Power ‘Cleaner’ with Mahindra Teqo

AI for Sustainability: Challengers title winner

The upkeep of a solar power plant is fraught with problems; one of which being dust. Dust hinders the photon-to-electricity conversion radiation. According to a study conducted by Mahindra Teqo, the module cleaning activity accounts for 30-40% of the overall operation cost of a solar power plant plant. The easiest controlled losses are soiling and string failure.

The planning and monitoring of module cleaning consumed a total of 1,845 man hours each month per location. It figured that by optimising cleaning cycles and factoring in the string factor, could significantly reduce cleaning time and actually be a game changer. In a market gasping for profitability, this is a bright ray showing the way to high efficiency.

”If our algorithms are applied across the installed solar energy capacity of 40 GW across India, it could result in savings of up to INR 500 crore annually” – Team Mahindra Teqo

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